TR: Taking it to the Max? (Or the Min)


I tweeted out this morning that today’s run did not feature my normal Hoka’s but rather a test shoe from New Balance (which I am not too familiar with). Just in case you are not familiar with Hoka’s, the Clifton’s, Speedgoats and Claytons are all in my arsenal/closet and the common characteristic of these shoes is that they tend to feature lots of foam and are considered “maximalist” shoes. They suit my situation (given my PsA ) and I like them very much. But at the conclusion of my run this morning, a run that utilized the shoes from New Balance AND happen to be at the opposite end of the spectrum from Hoka (which I have been told would not be good for me), minimalist, my first thought was “not bad.”

“Huh” you might say knowing I have ranted against minimalist vs maximalist banter? You would think, based on those of the Hoka side, that running with such shoes would leave me hurt and disabled! Conversley, the folks on the side of these New Balance shoes, probably think I am “nuts” for putting on shoes with that much foam! But in between the battle, I tried these “flats” out this morning on the pavement of Boston and hours later, as I type, there is no pains to speak of. And I am left with a feeling of wanting to run on these more! I like the “feel” of the road with these and the pickup in speed that occurs in them (vs the more bulky Hoka’s).

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I will be testing these out for the next few weeks (or more) to see what the pitfalls are from running in the flats and the benefits that arise from their use as well (I also need to report back to New Balance). I suspect that I will be back in my Hoka’s in no time as I just like them very much, but for the next few weeks, I will be living in a “flat” world of running!
With that all said, let’s move on to some random thoughts to consider this Thursday! (Long Randoms this week)

  • As a Bibrave Pro, I have had the opportunity recently to test out the XX2i Austrailia sunglasses. My first impression after wearing them for the past few weeks are mixed. The view through the glasses is outstanding and a bunch of my friends have concurred. However, when sweating a lot, they slide on one’s face and when things are not going well in a race, such as a few days ago, one gets pretty aggravated with such problems (to the point I want to toss them into the woods). I need to test them further before providing my review but so far, my initial reaction is “mixed.”
  • Expanding my “play list.” So today I spent sometime planning out my racing for the rest of the year. Next up is the Reach the Beach Relay in September. That is about 7 weeks away so giving my body a rest is probably a good idea given the injury issues of late. Beyond that, thinking two half marathons in October and then the Manchester Marathon in November. I will decide in the next few days and let you know!
  • Crossfit will be my soup de jour over the next few months. Planning on a bunch of pool work on the core and some running in the pool as well to soften the pounding on the body. 
  • Blisters! I had someone ask me recently how to fight back against blisters. Well I use powersocks but even they have not prevented one from forming while wearing the Clifton 3s on the outside of my big toe. Unsure why this is happening since the shoes are actually wider, so more research needs to be done!
  • Beans vs gu? Which one do you like? Comment below.
  • I need to invest in some nipple guards because bandaides just don’t cut it!

Well, that is it for the latest Thinking Randomly. Thank you for reading as always!


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