Running 10 miles in the Port!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking in a Boston Breakers game with my kids and a good group of people! The breakers won for the second time this season (we have happened to be at both wins so perhaps they should credit us with being there) and it was a great day at the park! Now my focused shifts to the Newburyport Yankee Homecoming 10 mile race tomorrow night!

So if you are looking for a summary on the race and review on this event at Bibrave (where I post my race reviews and are an Ambassador for them), you will not find it because this is my first shot at it! I did not run this in the past because I thought running at NIGHT and in very HIGH TEMPS was not a recipe for success! But this year I figured “stop avoiding such” and I signed up! Good thing is that the high temps will be nonexistent BUT rain is expected!

Training for this race has been, well nonexistent (like my race review and experience with this race). I have been battling injury after injury this summer and took the last 10 days off to recover from a torn muscle in my hip area (sort of). I was not without activity however last week as I cross trained and used the pool! But no running occurred and that is scaring me a tad heading into tomorrow. I usually follow a plan for every race I run which includes running the week before and this time I feel like I am “Winging it” not having done any of it!

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So what is the plan for tomorrow as a result? Well, first to warm up with heat for one as it relates to my injury “parts.” Then use mile one as a warmup as well to hopefully stretch out of sorts after being off for the past few weeks. As the race goes, if I feel ok, then increase the speed behind each mile…otherwise, just hold back and attempt to contain everything on my injury front! 

In terms of the course, this route is sort of an opposite run of the Newburyport half marathon that I ran a year ago May (that review for lost in cyberspace it appears). There is one steady climb from route 1a up Merrimac street but it is not dramatic (about 100ft not making it easy either). Once the climb is completed it is rather flat through the end of the race. Much of the race is in the shade till the cross over 95 and down 113 toward the finish line. It will be tough crossing the 95 stretch as the air in that area is just thick with road fumes but once past the lights, it should be Homefree!

The winner a year ago took this race in 51 minutes! To put this in perspective, relative to my best time, recently it took me 53 minutes to run 6.2 miles at the Runners World Classic. That winner also happened to be the same age  as me (so you are saying there is a chance)?  Last year there were 982 runners in this race and that was with 90 degree temps. Wondering what number comes in for the expected rain? 

So we will see what happens! Thanks for reading and wish me luck!


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