TR: Follow… follow… unfollow!

Recently I started using the “Crowdfire” app to keep track of my social media “empire” (not really an empire but empires start very small, right?). The benefits of such are the following

  • I can see who has followed me, who follows them and if I missed anything in between
  • I can see who unfollows me
  • I can see who follows me and then unfollows me once I have followed them!

I can say that my followers have risen about 50% on Twitter since I started employing this app in my social circle and it has allowed me to get a better handle on the Instagram world as well (as I have increased my numbers pretty decently there as well).
One interesting insight I have gleaned from this new information is the idea that people follow you and then once you follow them, they unfollow you! I did not notice such 3 months ago but it has been occurring with regularity of late and I am not the only one who has noticed such. It is occurring more on Instagram than on Twitter from what I gleened from the data and perhaps with the latter, that is par for the course? More research on the topic to be done!

As for some random thoughts, let’s go with short and sweet ones today!

  • Testing out some new New Balance shoes and so far, MUCH different than my Hoka One Ones!
  • Tried some Nuun tablets the other day (special gift from FitFam) and they kept me up part of the following night!
  • I picked up the KTape for my Achilles and will be giving it a try this weekend.
  • Not to get political at all here but don’t you wish everyone would stop insulting each other and throwing lies out there to sway things?
  • Some additional stat info for you: if you take the 4% of all runners that run the marathon (which is about 388k runners) and compare that to the population of the country, less than .1% of the country runs marathons! If you take the overall amount of runners of 9.7mm vs the population of 317.9mm, the total amount of people running in RACES (never mind just recreationally) is only 3% of the population!
  • I just recieved a new pair of Aftershokz Trekz Titanaiums (I lost mine previous pair at the RW Classic a few weeks back). Like them better than the Bluez but the Bluez are actually louder!
  • Anyone have success with Chia? I have some every day but I am unsure if it is helping me. Need to think about that more!
  • From a popularity standpoint, Hoka One One is definitely on the rise – a year ago the running store I go to new of them but was not “excited” about them. Flashforward and excitement is in the air…especially of the Claytons!
  • Found out yesterday that I tore a muscle in my hip area…not because of running but rather soccer! One month no soccer nut I can keep on running!
  • LASTLY, my next virtual run gear showed up in the mail today. I am general skeptical of these things but they do indeed push me to run hard on a certain pace! 

Well, I have nothing else to share this weekend. Thank you for reading!



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