CR: Achilles, compression and foam rolling!

On Sunday, I participated in two chats…the #runchat and the #RunatCan chat. The former has a much larger participation level (with 32k followers of the handle vs 1700 for the latter) so there are more discussons, more opinions to be shared and more ideas to be discovered! BUT that does not mean #RunAtCan is not a useful chat because I believe it is! When you have so many people chatting, ideas escape through the cracks of my view…for a smaller sample, it is easy to see all the ideas. In the end, both chats are very useful to me!

Let’s cover each chat individually because the topics were different and for #runchat, the questions were all over the place this week (as planned). One key change to this piece going forward will be the focus on new ideas that I get out of them, versus the one’s I contribute (unless my ideas are also useful).

The #runatcan chat was centered around running and travel. I have done plenty of the former but less of the latter! (But hope to do more of the latter in the future).

  • PEI Marathon: A question was asked on planning a running trip and this one was mentioned. In looking at it this morning, it looks interesting! More research to be done.
  • Elevation! This topic came up in the question around “obstacles to travel.” This never even occurred to me when considering races anywhere! In Boston and at home, running is rather flat and when our team ventures through New Hampshire in the RTB Relay, elevation never seems to be an issue. It is something I will consider going forward though! So very important.
  • Consider these other obstacles to travel: Time, constipation, out of routine, time zones, transportation, nutrition and packing!
  • I thought these were great items to bring on a trip (other than main running gear)! Charging cables, snacks, pharmaceuticals (legal ones of course), foam roller, body glide, markers for reminders and hydration powder.
  • There were several great travel tips mentioned (including my own). I said put aside your running gear so you make sure you do not forget anything. Also some others to consider included remembering shoes, plan out the location and starting line, relax, spend extra time at the location after the race and use a checklist!

So that was the RunatCan chat. Onto the #runchat now! The Runchat went with a a different format taking in questions from the “chatters” and the using them as the discussion topics for the night. 

So the Runchat topics were good and encouraged a whole bunch interaction among the community! Here is a selection of what I found interesting from the chat.

  • I posed a question asking for suggestions to heal Achilles problem. I got tremendous feedback. Here are just a few: rolling out! invest in a roller and a lacrosse ball and take the time to really massage your feet/achilles/calves. Another…Rest and ice. Have you tried the Achilles application of #KTTape? It’s very helpful. Lastly, You definitely want a night splint or strassburg sock to keep it extended at night.
  • As for preparation of long runs, I found the following very helpful: run early, drink often and post run POPSICLES! Another good few were to wear a cooling vest and slow and steady wins the race! (Last one was mine)
  • Some distractions during a run? I recommended audible books while a few others were podcasts, imagining the people you are passing naked, some stare at the road and tell oneself “it doesn’t hurt” and lastly think about the food you can eat at the finish (sweater the better).
  • As for the downtime while injured, some great answers include swimming, biking, whining to friends, cross training, eating wings, Netflix, yoga and Nintendo wok?
  • Lastly, some ways to maintain consistency? Be realistic about gosls, stick to a schedule, find ways to be accountable and run consistantly!

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