5 for Friday: Good and Evil

People’s character is there behavior…we are all capable of good and evil

– Bertie Carvel

A year ago, when I laced up my Asic GT 2000s for a long run, I was not familiar with “runchats,” “bibchats,” or anything in between. Bibrave was not really a thought in my mind and the “bmacrunning” website was not even up and running! Flashforward one year and the “bmacrunning” empire is growing leaps and bounds across Twitter, Instagram and through other means. I am a Bibrave Pro Ambassador now and running more races. Running has taken off for me so to speak!

But at the same time it has not. Yes, I love being an ambassador for BibRave…don’t get me wrong. Great people, great resources and great products (which I test, promote and review). But like my real life of the business world, it is hard for someone to differentiate between what should be said and what is actually said. Huh? In short, each product I have written about of late have been products I have enjoyed and have been positive on (the likes of Luvo and AfterShokz). But what happens if I want to go negative on the next one? Will evil prevail or will good honest opinion shine through? 

The answer to that question is that for me good conquers all! If I don’t like something, you will know about it. My next product test is the XX2i sunglasses (which I recieved this morning and so far, very good). I actually wore sunglasses (the $20 variety) at the Runners world classic over the weekend so this product test is timely as it was the first time I did such at a race. So in a few weeks I will post a review and if I don’t like them, the good will when out with an honest assessment…

As part of this product test, by the way, I have a discount code for you. “XX2iRocks” gets you 50% off at their website so if you already wear these and like them, then here is an opportunity to save some $$$! And even if you haven’t used them before (like myself), sometimes trying something new is a good thing as well!

So with the battle of my conscious out of the way, let’s do this week’s 5 for Friday!

  • NUMBER ONE: Blisters on my Mind! Over the weekend, I wore my brand new Hoka One One Cliftons 3s at the Runners World Classic. I debated this move beforehand but due to pains in my ankles, I thought perhaps a change in my shoes would help. After a week of running, the switch from the Clifton 2s to the 3s, seems to be working! But (and it is a big but), I am developing blisters from these new shoes! I know it has only been a week but I do not like this development! I will report back.
  • NUMBER TWO: Bye Bye Trekz! As mentioned, I reviewed the Trekz Titaniums from Aftershokz recently and I simply love them! Well, I think they flew off my car over the weekend and are now gone! So what do I do! I went back to the Bluez 2 and so far, everything is fine! Yes, they are heavier than the Trekz but they work just fine so for now, I am using the Bluez 2s! UPDATE: But, big news for me! I am getting a new pair of Trekz…more to come on the weeks ahead!
  • NUMBER THREE: All about Tempo! So a few weeks ago, the doctor said to me that it would be best if I did not run hills in the short term to let the Achilles heal. I have followed that instruction but I needed some variety in my lineup so this week was about tempo work – basically a Fartlek type training but much of each run was 125% of my normal pace to harder. My goal is to get my pace solidly into the 7s/mile so between this and the weight training, I hope I get there sooner than later!
  • NUMBER FOUR: Change the Perspective! I was on Twitter today and some made kind comments about pics I had taken this week while running. One said that they wished they had such views (these particular ones were in Boston). But while the views of the Charles River are great to look at, they get quite “old” if I continue to run the same route each day. So how get around such? Change the perspective and run the other way!
  • NUMBER FIVE: Ultramarathon Man. Looking for a good book to listen to? One that basically sucks you in to the point that you forget where you are? (Perfect when running long distances in the heat btw). Consider UltraMarathon Man! This is a good book. I have listened to a bunch of books and this is number one or two on my list (Born to Run is still one or two). I haven’t written about my book choices in a while so I should do so soon!

Well, that is about it for this week’s 5 for Friday! This week’s pics are below.


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