Next Race: Yankee Homecoming 10miler!

Heading into the Runners World Classic this past weekend, I was hurting, sluggish and debating my ability to run any distances. Flashforward 3 days and I have done a complete 180! I am unsure if it is the pains unwinding, the fact that I am playing soccer again or the audible book I am currently listening to (UltraMarathon Man) but following the four miles last night and the 7 more this morning, I feel simply excellent and definitely wanting more!

So to satisfy that “wanting” my next race will be the Yankee Homecoming 10miler coming in early August. Last year I chose not to run this race because of the timing of the day it is run – 6pm at night – and the humidity that was expected for the day! But after talking to a few people about it and the fun that it brings (does 10 miles really feel fun?)  I decided to give it a try. 

So here are the details of this race

Here is the view my race video which are very useful and usually give a great scouting report of what is to expect. 

So what is my plan on running this race? Well, I am working on that. I will follow up with a note in the week or 2 ahead!

Thanks for Reading


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