2 down, 1 to go!

Wow, so I referred to a plan on how I was going to run the Running World Classic yesterday on 5 for Friday . It involved taking it easy on the 5k, ramping it up on the 10k and then taking it him on Sunday (tomorrow) on the half marathon. So what actually happened? I ran hard on the 5k (and still had plenty in the tank), ran weak on the 10k finishing 5 minutes slower than a 10k I ran last summer and tomorrow has yet to play out! 

So how do I think tomorrow is going to play out? Well, tonight I am going to eat better, sleep longer and be ready for the mornings 13 miles! My plan is still to take it easy early in the race and then ramp it up with more energy later in the race as the temps rise. Let’s just hope that it is not 90 degrees again!

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