5 for Friday: #RWClassic Edition!

So it is GAMETIME! Ok, almost game time as my quest to complete the “Hat Trick” at the Runners World Classic begins at 7am tomorrow. Admittedly I am going into this weekend injured, still battling ankle issues but I have my brace and my Hoka’s…thus I should be good to go! (Btw, there is still time to sign up for the races and you can use code RAVE to save 10%)

One issue bothering me is on the “mental” side of my running lately. In short, I am not training enough because my head is not really in it. Since running the Maine Coastal marathon, the pile up of injuries has bee some her disheartening and held me back. While I don’t doubt that I can run a 5k, 10k and half marathon over the course of 24 hours, if I trained better, I would have a chance of a PR in each of the races and thus I would be running the best I can run. Alas, that probably won’t be the case so I am left just trying to finish “well” and given the very high temps at run time tomorrow (81 degrees and 90 by the second race tomorrow), “well” might turn into just finishing! BUT, I am going to give it my all!

Given this race weekend ahead of me, today’s five for Friday is featuring the race weekend ahead.

NUMBER ONE: All about Prep! I have been prepping for these races in my normal fashion with a slow week of running, carb and protien focused eating this week (I am a pasta guy btw) and plenty of water consumption. The last one is most important to me as it has kept me level on race day each time! Yes, I use the aid stations but having this water in my system has helped me greatly when it comes to the heat…and this weekend is going to be hot!

NUMBER TWO: Which Hoka’s to wear? I recently purchased the new Clifton 3s and have been training in them but are debating if I should go with the broken in Claytons for Saturday and my (already broken in) Clifton 2s for Sunday or I should just run with the new 3s at both races. I know they say one should never run races with new equipment but the 3s are just great shoes. Thinking I will go with the Claytons for the 5k tomorrow and then see how I am feeling!

NUMBER THREE: Swag! Ok, not a big fan of the term “swag” per se but if I am able to compete this trio of races this weekend, I will be given FIVE MEDALS! Holy metal! Perhaps this is standard faire for such events but it is new to me! Also I think I am getting a few t shirts which is cool (I think I am). Good job RW Classic folks!

NUMBER FOUR: My plan to succeed! As I indicated in the open, I am not looking for a PR this weekend (which troubles me terribly as I have mentioned). However that does not mean I should not plan so here is my plan. I will be taking the 5k as a fast warmup run because I have about an hour of rest time between the 5k and 10k. Once finished, I will attempt to keep as loose as possible so that when the 10k starts, I will be ready to go (and be loose) so maybe I can do “well” but yet leave enough in the tank for Sunday’s half which I really want to do really well on!

NUMBER FIVE: What to listen to? I have been really sucked into the audible book “Marathon Man” over the past week. It has kept my focus off the run and associated pains amazingly as the story is petty good. This is in contrast to the 50/50 book that Karnazes wrote a few years back which was not a book I was sucked in by, so to speak, though an m insightful book in its own right. Given my pain levels of late in my ankle and the heat, I think I will be going with Marathon Man for the races. That way I can maintain a steady pace and learn a few new things about running in the process – something that my music list will not help with since I tend to find myself running faster and harder with it!

Well, that is it for this week’s 5 for Friday! Be sure to check back on my review of the race on this blog and at Bibrave.com

Now, onto the pics and Thank You as always for reading! BM


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