5 for Friday: Not being slowed down by Pain & running with the Cliftons!

“My doctor told me that jogging could add years to my life. I think he was right! I feel 10 years older already!”

– Milton Berle

Yesterday I sat in a doctors office pondering the pains of my body. The past few months has not been a “treat” running wise as the injuries on my legs have piled up and my PsA has been constantly attacking my joints! Top it off with the pain and injuries from the Maine Coastal Marathon in May and one wonders if my running is killing me!!!!

Alas that is not the case though and now I am gearing up for the Runners World Clsssic, just 8 days away! (use code RAVE and you can save 10% on the races). With the Doctor telling me yesterday that I was hurt but not “that” hurt, I am excited to be running next week. A PR is probably not going to happen but I will finish!

Now, here is this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: Now Introducing…The arrival of the Hoka One One Clifton 3s! Today I started running with the Clifton 3s and my initial impressions: Not bad, more space and much like the softness of the Clifton 2s. They also have a steeper rock to the toes giving one a better feel for the road which the 2s lacked (which is why I bought the Claytons a few months ago). I will post a review in the new Cliftons in the weeks ahead! (And still owe a review in the Claytons as well)

NUMBER TWO: The Spartan in Me! I have been watching the show “Spartan” on NBC and besides being a cool show, it had got me I interested in running one of these races! I ran the “monster dash” a few years back which was more popular at the time and I remember that being a blast – and back then I was not in shape so if I am shape this time around, it will be more fun! The next Spartan race locally is in Barre, Mass next month but perhaps I might wait for the one at Fenway in the fall.

NUMBER THREE: All about Hat Tricks! I am running the Hat Trick next weekend and I am jacked! Plan is to run easy in the 5k; then run harder for the 10k (hoping for a PR); and on Sunday, air it out and get a PR on the half marathon! Ok, the smart move would be to take it easy all around as I am still dealing with an injury afterall! I guess I will have to play this by ear!

NUMBER FOUR: Being Thankful! Sometimes when the pain is so severe, I am tempted to get downright depressed! But today I realized that no matter how much pain I am in, PSA will never win! I will fight till I can no longer run. Enough said!

NUMBER FIVE: The Americana Run. I took part in my first virtual race last weekend and wanted to share the following: virtual races do have a place in the running community. They are great in getting people to run again and giving confidence to race against others! Many who posted on Fitfam’s site, were running races for the first time in ages. That is a great thing for running and for those looking to become more healthy!

As always, thanks for Reading! 

Here are this week’s running pics!

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