TR: Hip to be hurt…

When someone mentions an “Achilles heal” it is meant to describe “weakness.” In the literal sense of the phrase however, it points to a part of the foot of the human body as you know. Well, as it applies to me, my Achilles heal is literally sore and weak! And I am irritated about it because I know how it happened and what I should have done before to make it better! Now, finding myself sitting down for a week from running, I am becoming antsy! Oh, I have the Runners World Classic (shown above), in less than 3 weeks by the way!

So what is my plan to improve this problem? Ice, stretching and patience! The first two are not a problem while action #3, well let’s say I lack patience! But since I have the “Hat Trick” coming up in 3 weeks and then a 10 miler in 5 weeks, I need to get healthy and quick! (Oh wait, patience needed again). But when one runs 5 times a week, sitting down and thus breaking my routine, is VERY hard to swallow!

So tonight I am sitting here, being “patient” typing up the latest “TR” for your reading enjoyment! So here we go…

  • Hoka One One Clifton 3′s! Got an email recently from Hoka indicating that the new Clifton’s were coming soon. Today, I got the first of the emails probably from a variety of shoe sellers, indicating that I can “preorder” the next generation of Cliftons and they are shipping July 1. So should I run out and buy them? Not yet…I would like to hear what others think about these new shoes before acting. Review before buy! (My motto)
  • One last Luvo Note! So I reviews these dinners recently and want to share one more point. They are healthy and quick. Better option than the sub at the local shop and probably comparatively cheaper! More protein, lower price and better health. Good option.
  • Aftershokz update! I have been testing the Treks Titanium and I love them! Better than the Bluez 2 (but that makes sense because these are double the price). I will have a full review soon.
  • Chat recap for Bibrave. Have been slipping on this of late as I have had a serious writers block of late. Hopefully I am back on track soon! Last nights Bibrave chat recap of questions can be found here. As for runners problems, I have worked hard over the past year to keep my GI problems to a minimum! My runners problem at the moment is, well, my Achilles!
  • Soccer anyone? Last nights game was disappointing to me. I thought USA could keep it closer than 4-0 but that cannot happen when you give up goals at the beginning of each half! Oh well. 
  • Cross training and Soccer: So to change up the training, I have been playing soccer snd other training methods of late and such is perhaps is not helping my Achilles issues. Probably should take a break from this too and stay completely off my foot!
  • PsA pains Can’t tell if the aforementioned soccer is beating up my system to the point I need to reintroduce my meds at an increased rate. Taking almost 48 hours to recover following games since I started three weeks ago. More research needed.
  • Matcha anyone! Starting this versus having coffee in the morning. So farm mixed results. Will report back in a few weeks on the results.

Well, that is about it for tonight. Thank you for reading!


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