5 for Friday: Trails, testing and Soccer!

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth. 

– Rachel Carson

Well, another week is in the books on running so to speak and it has been an interesting one! Since last report, I have run a 1 mile race in the sand, I have taste tested some product from Luvo, I am back on the pitch playing soccer and all in between, I am running and talking about trails! 

NUMBER ONE: Daughters and Fathers A few years back (actually 8 but it feels like a few), I was given a book from my uncle titled “Fathers and Daughters.” I read it once and enjoyed it but I had not thought more about it since. So as my daughter ran hard into be close at the finish line of the Seacoast Festival Family Fun Run, I immediate thought that while there are important things to keep in mind while taking care of an 8 year old girl, there is also one simple fact to consider as well: Like father, like daughter! I always believe you give your all “on the court” and my daughter shares the same determination! I would call that a success as it relates to my parenting! (Yes, third exclaimation point)

NUMBER TWO: Happy Trails to You The latest BibRave Bibchat featured a discussion on trail running and I would say it was one of the better ones I have participated in! Why you might ask? Simple…I long to run more on the trail. I don’t do it often and need to do it more. The woods and the trail add a certain level of peace and serenity to one’s day. The uncertainty of the terrain keeps one guessing. And the many ways one can run on a trail keeps things fresh and new. This weekend, I plan on hitting the trail and I am excited to do so!

NUMBER THREE: Testing and Testing So this week has featured a Luvo taste test and an Aftershokz Treks in the product side of the bmacrunning site. I finished up the Luvo food yesterday and I continue to test out the Treks. The former turned out to be a mild surprise as I never thought microwave dinners would be so good! (Not just good). I plan on doing some more testing of these items in the future versus other comparable meals but for now, and till then, they are the champ in my book!

NUMBER FOUR: Bring on the Hills This week featured my first Beacon Hill “hills” training and it felt good…not to mention much easier than the last time I climbed the streets in this area in the fall. My plan is to climb this end of Boston each week till the Reach the Beach Relay in September. I need more work on hills which this week demonstrated! When I venture to the hills of New Hampshire, I will do some more hiking of the mountains then… and hopefully I don’t run into any bears!

NUMBER FIVE: Cross Training and Soccer So in a recent chat one person mentioned that I should do more cross training to get over the funk I am having in my running. One other way I am hoping I get over this funk is through soccer. I have been playing this of late after being away from the sport for a very long time. It has brought back some good memories of yesterday and from all the quick sprints and stopping and starting that occurs during the game, I am getting in some tempo training that I believe will get me back into my track of running times improvement! (Hopefully)

And now for the pics!

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