Taking in some Luvo!

As a @BibRavePro, from time to time I get the opportunity to “test” products. Recently I posted a note that I am going to test the Aftershokz Trek Titaniums. At the moment though, I am testing out another product… Luvo Meals! These meals feature high levels of protien and low levels of fat. The tag line “Be good to you” affirms their “healthy focus.”

As for the format of this review, I will share my thoughts on each dinner at the end of this piece. First though, let’s look at the common characteristics of each

Small Portions that don’t taste like others: The dinner packet is somewhat smaller to other microwave items I have had. At the same time, most of those other dinners do not taste like real meals, like these Luvo meals do. Major difference really! 

Longer Cook time than others: These meals have longer cooking times than others like it. Is it going to leave you wondering why you are waiting forever for your food to cook? No but they are a minute or 2 longer (depending on your oven or microwave). However, you get over such rather quickly because they taste pretty good.

Different cooking method: Many of the microwave dinners I have had get nuked in the same plate they are served. These are nuked in a package and you have to provide the plate “after” it is done cooking. The package does not have you poke holes in it like other microwaveable items so the steam and heat remain in the packet cooking the food through and through.

Good protien to fat ratio: I am a big fan of matching my protien intakes to my level of fat intake. If possible, I like the former over the latter but I am ok if they around the same. These meals have swung the pendulum way over to the protien side by an almost 3-1 margin! So for someone looking for a low fat option with plenty of protien, these meals provide that!

Gluten free: These meals are gluten free which is an important factor for me given my issues with inflamation. And while many believe that gluten free implies less taste, this is not true with this product. The taste has been very good across the selections I have tried. 

Spice! They put “on the mild side” for the spice factor of these items. Mild might be understating it – you taste the spice! In fact, if you were comparing it to “salsa” like Newman’s own, this would fall into the media section IMHO. Since I like lots of spice in my foods, this is not a big deal to me but it might be for others. 

Now, here is the rundown of each meal I took in. I had a total of five and they are below.

6/7 – Tandoori Inspired Spiced Chicken: This was not bad. I love spice in my food and this one had just that! It was not a lot of food but it tasted good and again did not taste like it came out of the microwave but rather was made on a stove. The protien to fat ratio is almost 3 to 1 (19g of protein) and if you compare this to say a cliff bar, it is abut the same calories but many more nutrients. And while the serving seemed kind of small to me, three hours later I am not hungry! However, the spice side seems to be still sitting with me and that might be the reason though I will have to compare to other items.

6/8 – Chicken Chile Verde: This was a pretty good meal. Felt more “full” after finishing it. Like the Tandoori above, it did not taste like a microwaved food giving me the impression it was cooked in a different way. Protien To fat was closer to 2-1 but it still had 25g of the former! Also fiber was higher at 6g. Overall calories were higher than the Tandoori and the spice was considered “mild.” We will see how my body handles this meals spice… Lastly, never was a fan of polenta but I found it tasty.

6/13 – Orange Mango Chicken: This was another good meal for a “microwaveable dish.” Not as much protien but the ratio of protien to fat is nearly 3-1. Overall calories inline with the other two and the spice level, listed as mild, is “felt” on the tongue! Meal size was the same as the others and overall, it was a pretty good meal. That “full feeling” that I got from the last meal, seems to be evident here as well. 

6/15 – Roasted Vegetable Lasanga: Of the meals thus far, I have liked this one the most! It had the spice of the other meals and but this one did not have a “meat” in it if you will. (However, I added some plain already cooked grilled chicken to it). Protien levels are less than the other two but calories and fat levels are also lower. Spice is mild but I could feel it. Overall, very good.

6/16 – Chicken in BBQ Sauce: Last of the “fab” 5 meals was this mix of chicken and vegetables. It was probably the most spicy of the bunch as my mouth is definitely feeling it! Good level of protein but ratio is only 2 to 1 vs fat. Again, another of these meals that tasted like real food versus microwaveable food and very good. Another great option!

So my overall view in these meals are positive! While they were given to me because I am a BibRave pro,  I honestly like them and might consider buying them in bulk. Now if you go to the likes of Amazon, they are not particularly cheap (around $6 per meal but they have to be bought in Bulk). I am guessing that they are positioned as an upper scale meal because the founders of the products are former Starbucks and Wholefoods executives. Or they are just trying to ride the better health wave by having a higher priced product? 

In any event, at this price point, they are cheaper than anything you would find at lunchtime in the city so they are a good option for those who are on the move, want to eat healthy and are affordable, relatively speaking. 

Thanks for Reading!



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