TR: Not “Shokz’d by their Service & blister banter!

In a week or two, I will be posting a review of the Aftershokz Titanium. Why a few weeks and not today? In short, my existing pair, which I recently ran with at the Maine Coastal Marathon, stopped charging  last week and I have not had a chance to continue to “test” them. Now, normally I would be on the war path against any company that provides me a lousy product that dies in such a short amount of time but the thing is, I really like this device! They provide great sound that is not blasting into my ears; they provide safety as I can clearly hear when cars are coming; and they have stayed snug around my ears with every use. They are almost perfect. 

The one part that was not so perfect was the aforementioned charging issue. However, as I type this email, the folks at Aftershokz are sending me a new set of “Bluez 2” to replace the broken pair. Their response was quick and basically without much scrutiny! It was simply outstanding. So how does one measure outstanding customer service versus a faulty product? I guess I would call it a “wash” at this point but when the new pair of “Bluez” arrives in a few days, they will once again become part of my morning run! And 2 weeks from now, I will post a full review of the product, as promised!

As for this week’s random running thoughts, here are a few.

  • Claytons a Mixed bag: I have been running regularly over the past few weeks with the Hoka Claytons. I think they are great but they are not perfect. First, I am developing blisters on the front of my ankle from the tongue and on the back of my heal from the back of the shoe. This is a problem that I have not had with any running sneaker – at least in these two areas. I will see how this develops over the next few weeks and report back!
  • Discounts! Have you checked out my Race Discounts page? As a BibRave Pro, I get access to discounts on races that take place all over the country. For example, I am running the Runners World Classic next month and you can too and get a discount using code RAVE. 
  • iPhone or Shuffle? Over the past week, I have been using my shuffle vs iPhone because the Bluez 2s were not working (and I needed to plug the Yurbuds into the shuffle). I am firmly in the camp of running “hands free” but I also like to find (and shoot) the “great pic” along my paths! Tough call…
  • Sluggish running. Ever since my marathon a few weeks ago, my running has felt so sluggish. Just can’t seem to get going and that has been a frustration of mine of late. Need to break out of this morass so to speak!
  • Next marathon? I am struggling with which marathon to race in October/November. My calendar is pretty fill through there but nothing is really jumping out at my like the Maine Coastal Marathon.
  • Daughter running! Looks like my 8 year old has the running bug. We are doing a 1 mile race in a week so we will see if she wants to continue to run after it. Right now she is ready!
  • New Cliftons coming! The Hoka Clifton’s have been dropped in price over the past few weeks by almost 25% and word on the web is that the new Cliftons will be out in July! That is around the time I will need a new pair so it will be a tough decision. Discounted older Cliftons versus the new kid on the block!

That’s about it for now.

Thank You for Reading!


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