New Facebook Page! Racing for a cure while running the world

I have noted my battle with PsA before so will not restate the details  (you can read it here) but I am doing something new on that front. Over the weekend, I took my dormant Facebook page and turned it into a fundraising destination for my cause. The money still runs through “” but now you can get some updated specific notes on my cause at the Facebook page. I will not post a ton to it because I don’t want to fill up someone’s timeline with constant updates to contribute but if you care about my cause, then you can like the page and get a few updates every once in a while!

My goal for the year is roughly $3000 and with 5-6 more races in 2016, that comes to about $500 per race as a goal to raise for each. My next one is the Runners World Classic in Julu though I am entertaining the idea of jumping into a half marathon in a few weeks, ankle pain notwithstanding. If you wish to contribute to my cause, please visit my Facebook page for more!

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