WIR: Back in the Saddle Again

Let’s start off with a question for those who have run very long distances: Do you still feel the  effects of said long race a few weeks after? I ask because since my first marathon, I am still feeling the pain in strange parts of body that I have never felt before! New ankle injury is the latest (feels like a tendon). I guess I will have to do some research! In the meantime, I had a good week of running and slowly getting back into gear (aside from some pace issues and random pains). 

My next race was going to be a half marathon in mid June but I am wavering somewhat on such. I am definitely running the “hat trick” at the above Runners World Classic in July though so perhaps I should wait and recover a bit more. This half marathon is along the coast in Salisbury but the one major problem I have with it is that it is a loop meaning I will see everything twice. Not exactly ideal for me. Oh well… More questions than answers!

As I try to figure out solutions to these questions, here are this week’s pictures that were taken along my runs!

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