#Bibchat Race Review Quick Hits: Maine Coastal Marathon 

The term “hitting a wall” is used commonly when running races. For me, when I ran the Portsmouth Half late last year, all of a sudden I hit the wall around the 8 mile mark because I was running a pace that was well, too fast for this author! Yesterday, at my first Marathon, I hit the same wall at mile 19 and unlike the half marathon last fall, I barely recovered on this one! In short the last 10k was very hard and while my energy level held, my legs felt like they were being put through some sort of double sessions of football practice during my years in high school! But in the end, I finished and today I am a marathon runner!

Later this week I will get out my full piece on the Maine Coastal Marathon but in the meantime here are my initial thoughts.

  • Rolling Hills: After reviewing my smash run data, the rolling hills made this race  challenge to everyone. Total elevation loss was greater than gain but at 715ft, it was enough to slow me down!
  • Racing for a Cure: I ran this race for the Arthritis foundation and I have a disease call PsA. Thank you to all of those who contributed and supported me on this run.
  • Stats on the Wall: I guess one only learns this in hindsight but at mile 19, my pace numbers just started to plummet. Going into that mile, I was averaging around 8:30…after almost 2 minutes at worst ok average. Amazing!
  • Low heart rate: I will say that my heart rate did not fluctuate much till I saw my family which was exciting in its own right. 
  • Great Volunteers: Those working for the race were all just fantastic! I can’t say enough nice things about them. 
  • Not much swag: This race does not offer much in terms of “swag.” Not super important for me but probably the least amount of every race I have run.
  • Scenic Views…10 stars! If you are looking for a beach run, this is it! Amazing views.
  • Wind: It was windy! As I said to a friend, it seemed like when going downhill the wind was at my back but when going up, the wind was in my face. Strange.
  • Cold: Along with the wind, it was cold! I guess it is all relative but I had a chill at the end of the race. 

That’s about it for now with my Monday morning quarterbacking! Bigger review coming later this week.

Thanks for Reading


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