TR: Maine Marathon Notes and @Racingforacure, some #Bibrave as well…

It’s Friday night and we are now officially in “crunch time” as it relates to my first marathon Sunday! I had my last candy bar today and I one more Angry whopper from BK. Now I intend to eat better over the next 24 hours and get ready to run 13 miles…oops, I mean 26.2 miles! Oh, God have I been training for the wrong distance? 

Ok, “back to life…back to reality.” And that reality for me is this: I am ready to run on Sunday! This morning I finished up my preparation with some more pace training. In short, my biggest problem with my running is my constant “need” to run faster. I am always looking for a better pace each time I venture out on the roads or run a race. I am constantly pushing myself to run faster and more efficiently. I still look for a scenic route each time I run but my focus has been to improve my times and distance each time. For a marathon, especially my first, the strategy has to be different! Thus I have been working on running “slow.”

Now by slow, I mean slower than my current pace…so with my current pace hanging out around sub 8s, I will start the race in the mid 9’s and depending how I feel around miles 15-17, I will attempt to pick up the pace at that point. My goal is a sub 4 hour marathon on Sunday so we will see what happens!

As for other random things, here are some quick hitters!

  • Yesterday I signed up for the Runners World Classic “Hat Trick” race at Merrimack college in July. If you would like to join me on the route, you can get a 10% discount by using the code “Rave.” The hat trick by the way would a 5k, 10k and then an half marathon the following day. 
  • Claytons and Asics! Last fall I made the switch from Asics to the Hoka’s and as they say, the “rest is history.” Well today I picked up the new Claytons and I have to tell you, they have the cushion of Claytons with the feel of Asics. I am not wearing them on Sunday but will begin sprinkling them in on my runs next week. So far, I am impressed with them!
  • Racing for a Cure: Just in case you would like to jump aboard my racing train, here is the link to donate

That’s about it! 

Thanks for Reading


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