Chat Wrap: Look vs Fit

It is a busy week for me, both from a running perspective but also on a professional level so last night’s @BibRave #Bibchat was somewhat of a struggle (since I was just simply tired). But I powered through and tried to contribute. The topic was focused around gear and how look and functionality come into play (“Dress for Success”).The sponsor was @Zensah (Zensah Compression) and like all the #Bibchat’s, there was giveaways of the sponsors product and plenty of chat in between.

Here is my rundown of the topics in this week’s chat (and here is the link to the questions just in case you are wondering)

  • Looks over function? Many “purists” complain that the focus on how you look when you run is hurting the sport.  This always occurs as something becomes more popular. More people, more perspectives. Anyhow, the question was asked about how the look of something effects your buying habits. For me, “look” is like 5% of the equation. I am all about function – if something functions well and looks dreadful, I am more likely to go with it over the cool looking item that hurts while I run with it! 
  • My long run or race day outfit? My running gear is nothing to write home about. Simple and bland for the most part. I have my #Garmin watch and recently I added the aftershokz headphones but beyond that, relatively “simple.”
  • Recovery outfit? Honestly I don’t have a recovery outfit. It is the same as the other ones I wear while hitting the roads or trails. Never even really thought about such for the most part but I guess the hard core runners perhaps have a different perspective? 
  • Current Trends? So at this point of the chat, I was just wiped out and missed this question so here is a brief response – as it relates to trends in running, I am in favor of anything that improves my running and keeps me healthy. So if the trend of bigger soles (such as Hoka’s) does so for me, I am in favor of it. If something else comes down the line that goes not support those goals, I am against it or just not in favor of it!
  • Gear choices making or breaking my workout? This relates to the answer to the previous question in some regards. A bad choice of watch can cause a bunch of problems if you are training against a pace or HR. An article of clothing that drags or catches can make a workout less satisfactory. A lousy phone or headphones can cause one to lose concentration. Bottom line: when you pick a piece of gear that is technical, get educated on it! A bad choice will “break” a workout…

Well, that is this week’s Bibchat review. Before I go, a quick word from our sponsor 

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