TR: Shok’d by interference!

We have all been surprised from time to time and for runners, no matter how much we plan for the next training run, workout or race, surprise just happens. For me, my running is no exception. Each time I venture out in Boston and other places, having planned a given route and a certain playlist of music or book from my shuffle/phone, nothing ever seems to go as planned – this “surprise”is a commonality of all my running activities. Today’s surprise came from a new piece of gear I recently obtained: Aftershokz Bluez 2s!

Now, this is not meant as a review or anything alike but just some initial thoughts on this unique and new (to me anyway) product. I have been running with these wireless headphones, that use the “jaw” technology, all week, both inside and outside. So far, I am really impressed! Amazing sound for an device that is using your jaw for sound and they just are so snug around my ears. After three uses this week, they may be the most snug one’s I have ever used (though my Yurbuds are still pretty good) and each time out, have maintained their position on my jaw with very little movement.

The surprise I got from the Bluez2 were something I was not expecting – interference from Logan airport and surrounding wifi. When I was further away this morning from Logan, I did not have any issues. As I got closer to the airport, the songs began to cutout leaving me confused as to what was occurring but then I was reminded of my days living in South Boston years ago. Logan must emit some sort of frequency that gets in the way of wireless devices. I had this problem with my cell phones and today, the same drop off in the signal occurred again. This left me completely dumbfounded! So is this a problem? Unsure. Need to run with them more to find out! Will report back next week.

As for some other random thoughts for you to consider on this Friday, consider these!

  • Get me some Claytons! I have been reading the reviews of the new Hoka Claytons and how they compare to my Cliftons. Sounds like an excellent shoe and since they handle speed better (i.e. Fartleks), I could see myself getting a pair. But I saw that they are in high demand so perhaps I will have to wait! We shall see. Another topic to report back on!
  • Yurbuds in backup: If my aftershokz continue to “shock” me, I will be flipping back to my steady yurbuds. They are still very good and a close second!
  • Injury prevention! Doesn’t stretching prevent injuries along with good form? Just saying.
  • I am a BibRave Pro! Just in case you did not notice, I am a Bibrave pro now. Again, just saying!
  • Marathon be coming in 9 days! Just in case you have not been following me on Twitter (@bmacrunning), my first marathon is coming very soon. Color me concerned a bit but I should finish strong!

Lastly, a word from our local spnonsor!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend



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