Chat Wrap: Raving about running

T-minus 10 days till my first marathon! It is officially the pre game show now for me as I taper down and get ready for 26.2 miles of the Maine Coast. I will admit that training over the past few months has been hard but in April I ran a new monthly high of 140 miles so I believe I am ready take take on the scenic views along the Atlantic Ocean! And I am running for the arthritis foundation/”racing for a cure” to show that even with severe cases of arthritis, people can still run and live normal lives. If you would like to contribute, click the link below

Now onto this week’s chat recap! Last night was my first #Bibchat as a #BibravePro. Did it feel different? Did I feel like an superstar? No. I did feel a bit overwelmed reading through the Bibrave materials from earlier in the day and all the apps I am now using in order to be a “pro” but as it relates to the chat, just another night on Twitter talking to some great fellow runners! Before I move onto the notes from last night, here is a brief word from our sponsor!

Moving on, here is the lowdown on last night.

  • Most important to have with me on runs: First question was in regards to the must haves on a run. Some said water…others said phones and I said my iPod shuffle. Have to run with something that keeps me focused! Then I realized that the most important device I have is my Garmin 235. It keeps me focused, gives me my location and drives me to improve! As for water and a phone, my older iPhone with the aftershokz headphones has been a recent close second. The jaw technology has been pretty cool to use!
  • Most annoying part of carrying gear? To me it is the shifting of the gear whether my phone in a pocket or on a belt. Also my yurbuds of late have been popping out of my ears and this is becoming problematic taking focus away and leaving me in a poor state of mind! For me, less gear the better! 
  • Water on the run? I do not carry a water bottle on my runs. Just don’t like to carry so much that my hand tightens up and my arms get tired. That is what water stops are for IMHO. Also when I go out for long training runs, I will put water down in a central spot and keep coming back to it as if it is a water stop. That’s it!
  • Less is better! I like to have as few items as possible on me. Less to worry about! I want to worry about my run…not anything else like water bottles.
  • Epic gear fail? On a run a few months ago in the frigid 20 degree temps of the northeast, my shuffle died three miles in to a 14 mile run! That stinks but I did get a good deal of thinking done!
  • GPS watches: Had an interesting chat with another runner about the iWatch. I am a very big fan of Apple products and love my iPhone. But I did not venture into the iWatch because, like the Fitbit, it relies on the phone for GPS. What if I don’t want to run with my phone? That is why I went with the Garmin 235. It has served me very well over the past four months! Till apple comes through with GPS on the phone, I am not switching!

That’s about it for the latest “Chat recap.”

Thanks for reading!


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