April is over! Onto May…

Ok, countdown time…Tminus 12 days till my first marathon and I think I am ready. I have my plan in place, I have the words above memorized and I plan on doing well come May 15th at the Shipyard Maine Coastal Marathon! Oh, I also babe some new afterskokz headphones which to my surprise, are pretty good! All I can say at this point is “Bring it” Maine coastline!

As for April, from a performance and distance standpoint, it was me best ever. I did over 140 miles and my pace was good. I averaged slightly under 6 milers per run and performance wise, had some of my best runs during this period. The only thing that is bothering me a tad and I think holding me back from much better times is my weight. It just won’t go down! I have added a protien shake (Unipro) and I appear to be getting thinner but I wonder if I am adding weight via muscle formation? I have no idea but that is what I am going with for today’s excuse!

“More work to be done” is my mantra and will continue to be as I strive to improve my running and healthy. Maine Coastal Marathon “Bring it.”


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