Recapping the Chat…Raving about Running!

Ever feel like life is moving to fast? Lately I have planned on participating in the various running related chats on my feed but have been late to the party each time! I missed the #runchat on Sunday which was sponsored by Garmin which happens to be my watch of choice and tonight I almost loses the #Bibrave chat jumping in near the end. The topic was “keeping it casual” and the recap can be found here. Here is my recap of my responses.

  • Easy runs per week? This question was somewhat thought provoking for me. I run often and very rarely have a “casual” run. I am always working hard on something with my running whether it is climbing hills, mixing in fartleks or outright high tempo runs. Very few times I have had a “causal” run. So does that mean I should mix in casual runs? Unsure…
  • New running gear finding way into my daily routine? I have had the same running garb and gadgets for the past few months but lately due to pains with my soleaus muscle, I have been employing a compression sleeve which has helped with recovery times. Pain is disappearing and I assume this means things are mending.
  • How avoid looking like a runner all the time? I have to admit, outside of my suits, I wear running gear all the time. I guess there is no way to avoid my obsession!
  • How keep my running from becoming too casual? As mentioned, I don’t normally run casually because I always have a goal in mind!  These goals drive my training daily and in that training are very few light casual runs!
  • Difference between causal and hard runs? Since I don’t usually run casually, I guess the difference between the two is this: one I do often and the other I don’t do much!
  • I run races for improvement (and PRs)! This is rather straight forward: I run races to improve my times and attain PRs! I run to improve my health. I simply run to improve myself!

That’s about it with tonight’s recap! 

Thank you for reading


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