WIR: Courage and Dreams!

When Walt shared the words above, I would imagine he was not talking about runners per se but these words are easily translatable to the Boston Marathon runners of yesterday. As I watched a few of my friends make their way along the 26.2mile route (via the baa.org site), I couldn’t help but wonder how they were handling the excitement of running the race while at the same time, seeing 1000s of people along the route cheering them on at every stretch (which I would presume would push the adrenaline a bit). It had to be a truly great experience! 

Each of these runners (many first timers I read) trained hard to run this marathon, either for personal gain or for charity and probably dreamed of finishing the race many times over leading up to yesterday. They probably had game plans and pace goals in mind and when they crossed the finish line in Copley square yesterday, their voyage was complete! Most people will scoff at the idea of running period, never mind a marathon. However, 30,000 runners yesterday did just that. They had the courage to sign up and raise money. They had the persevere car to run through the miserable weather of New Englsnd over the past four months and each dreamed of completing this race – which they did yesterday! I salute them and congratulate them on all of their hard work!

As for my week in running, let’s keep it simple: I have had my best 2 weeks of running in a row in over a year and my marathon (Shipyard Maine Coastal) is coming in less than a month! I am ready….I hope.

Here are the pics of the last few weeks.


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