Running Lessons: Patience!


It has been a while since I last posted to the “lessons” section of this site so let’s add some content! Today’s word of the day (as I tweeted on the @Healthywaymag tonight) is “Patience!” Patience according to Google is

The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Running to me, at times, has tested my patience. When I first ramped up my running a year ago, I wanted to have the ability instantly to run long distances at very quick paces. Further, I wanted to lose weight quickly so I could run faster. After a month, realizing neither was not going to occur overnight, especially since I had not run long distances since I was 16 (or 25 years ago) or the fact that fried food was still my favorite delicacy, I had to reaccess my thinking…enter “patience!”

Patience is a driving force in my life. When I get impatient about my running times, I visit the bigger picture. In the investing world, success is measured over time frames. Short, medium and long term! Well, my running plan is measured in the same way. In the short term, I look for small victories like better cadence or greater calorie burn. Medium term I visit pace versus my previous month or months. And over the long term, I compare my distances and ability to run them (i.e. Will I pass out when I run “x” today versus a year ago).

All of this requires a certain degree of patience to see how a plan plays out. Rome was not built overnight after all. And a marathon runner is not either! Practice patience and your running will improve over time…short, medium and long term.


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