TR: “Baby it’s cold outside!”

I think this sums up my state of mind with the weather so far in April

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”

– Carl Reiner

The snow that has fallen over the past 7 days here in the northeast has truly been unnecessary! I thought we were suffering globally from warming but last night it was just 19 degrees in my City as I ventured home and then found myself trudging through half a foot of snow in my driveway. This is putting a definite wrinkle in my training of late and I am getting the feeling that someone high above is telling me that I should not run the Maine Marathon next month…either that or they are saying WORK HARDER! (Probably the latter)

Speaking of my training, the layoff from the flu gave me some extra energy, mending some injuries as well and so far over the past 7 days, I have seen such benefits in my workouts and times. While it would be nice to see some nice weather and sun going forward (today is a start), I am probably not going to be that lucky so I must just persevere and work harder. Baby it was cold outside last night but that is but one obstacle of many that I need to take down to be a better runner!

How about some other random thoughts? This week’s theme: Gear!

  • Garmin 235 Update: So it has been 3 months now since I acquired this device and I can say that it has lived up to all my expectations. The GPS was my biggest problem with the 220 and the 235 has remedied that! The text alerts have kept me from looking at my phone for every alert and the apps or widgets that the watch uses are very helpful! 
  • Gear: A question was asked during one of those Twitter chats I was on about what gear is most helpful to runners? At the time I was really undecided and did not answer but there lies the answer. While I really like my Garmin 235, there is no one piece of gear that is overly helpful. They all play a part in my routine and improvement! 
  • Earbuds: I am in the market for a good pear of earbuds. I use yurbuds but if you the reader has a recommendation, DM me on Twitter @bmacrunning.
  • All about the Cliftons: My second pair of Hoka One One Clifton 2s have been great. Continue to like these and their Speedgoats as my choice of shoes for road and trail respectively.
  • Do you use Gu? Looking for recommendations on this topic as I have the Maine Marathon coming up in less than 6 weeks and historically I don’t use more than one of these in a given race.

Ok, here are this week’s very short thoughts 

  • With the sun out today, hoping I finally get outside this week to run!
  • Looks like it is going to be cold next Monday for the Boston marathon with snow expected on Sunday! 
  • If life is a highway, do you want to run it all night long?

That’s about it for this week. Thank you for reading!


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