Reach the end….

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Something as small as an act of kindness to another or a game winning goal, can motivate one to work hard or do good for someone who is lacking such. For me, lately motivation to run has been missing. I can’t really explain why though the flu bug really hammered away at me last week and when I finally got on the elliptical last night (after doing nothing for 7 days), I struggled! I went to bed disheartened and frustrated (only to have to wake up to a sick kid at 2am).

Then this morning, as I was planning out my running for now till the marathon, inspiration stuck on the car radio.

“I won’t give up and I won’t give in, till I reach the end and I will start again!”

This is from Disney’s Zootopia (and sung by Shakira). I went to this movie on Friday with the family and the kids loved it. This short phrase, from the song that “Gazelle” sang at the end, argues for perseverance and hard work which are required in one’s running endevours! However, that is not what is driving me at the moment to get out on the pavement and run. It is how my kids respond to the song. It makes them happy. It reminds them of their enjoyment of the movie and it puts a little hop in their step. 

So as I hope to get out running once again tonight and gear up for my first marathon in about 6 weeks, I will be “starting again” and at the moment, I have no reason to believe that I will reach any end. Bring it on!

Thank you for reading


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