So how many times do you reboot a computer before calling it quits and either a) find a tech to help you or b) toss the box in the trash? Well, today I am announcing a reboot (again) of my computer (i.e. “Me”) after a tough run of health the last few weeks. I Had a bad cold that put me in bed for a few days a few weeks ago and then the flu came and landed me back in bed yet again for 2 more days last week. Since the flu arrived, I have not run and this has been truly frustrating! 

So time to reboot! 

Time to get myself out there and work hard!

Time to eat better and avoid the snacking that I believe has slowed me down in 2016!

Time to sleep better!

Time to focus on the positives and not the negatives!

Time to get ready to run!

Ok. Now I am ready and it is time to get out there and run 5, 10 or more miles. Time to get ready for the Maine Marathon coming up in 6 weeks. It is time to get my mojo back and earn miles for team #WeGet2gether on the #Earthathon site. 

Simply…it is time to reboot! Now let’s hope i don’t need to see a tech….

Thanks for Reading!



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