Thinking Randomly… Imagine, Believe & Achieve

Sometimes something just “sticks” in the mind. It might be a specific event, a certain emotion or something someone says that triggers it. For the above (which I posted to Twitter back in November when my daughter was heading off to the oireachtas), every time I find myself doubting myself in life, I think of these three words: Imagine, believe and achieve! Of course sitting in bed over the past few days battling this flu, I have had trouble achieving anything!

So of late, with the Maine Marathon less than 8 weeks away, I have been definitely questioning whether I will be able to finish it. Training has been hard this winter and the injury bug has hit me of late, not to mention illness as well, really setting me back. But now that I am sitting upright on the couch for the first time in 2+ days, my focus is now on getting ready! I imagine I can succeed in completing the race. I need to train so I believe and from there I will achieve!

Beyond my emotional state, here are some other random thoughts for you to consider 

  • New shoes = less injuries? Ok, thinking I need to buy into this idea or common thought going forward. I put 475 miles roughly on my first pair of Cliftons (thought it was higher but my Garmin connect says otherwise) and in review the injury bug started at around 400 miles. So that is going to be my “sort of” target for the new pair of Cliftons so the injury bug does not come back!
  • Reach the Beach: Team #Guzmanguys will be returning to the #RTBRelay once again in 2016 and I am jacked! We have three new members for the team this year (we lost three from last year) and are all hoping for another great finish and continued improvement from 2015!
  • Chat reviews: Do you like this feature, hate it or not interested? Tweet me @bmacrunning
  • Fields fundraiser a success! Our Gala for the was a success as we got word out to the community for this great initiative in town. Now we need the business community to really step up and support the project!
  • Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose: This is my second favorite phrase and one I used (and stole from Friday Night Lights btw) while coaching hockey. Always said that if each player was focused on their job and gave 110% each time to that job, they will never lose because they gave their all. In running, it is the same thing: focus on your training methods, work hard while training and you will not lose on race day!

Well, that is about it for this week!

Keeping imagining, believing and you will succeed!


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