Recapping the Chat…All about Compression!

Last week I posted my first “Chat recap” with a “disclaimer” that such notes might or might not be a regular occurrence. Well, with this post today, the “chat recap” has become a regular occurance! (At least for today). Anyhow, last night was another #runchat featuring @Procompression and just in case you have not figured out what these folks sell and make, let me spell it out: They make “compression gear!” Since I use compression socks from time to time, this chat did have some relevance to me and my running exploits. 

The #runchat this week however was more of an open forum compared to others and less about compression. The first few questions centered around the compression arena but then question three solicited questions for numbers 4, 5 and 6. This took things off topic a tad but overall it provides useful information. Let’s review.

  • Compression and Healing: The start of the chat focused on the use of compression gear…how does one use it and what benefits. For me, I use compression socks to help work through injuries with my lower legs whether calf related or something else. I am able to run and heal at the same time it seems which is why I am a strong advocate of compression gear. As for the “design” of compression socks, I really don’t care to be honest. Plain colors work for me (mine are black).
  • The first question from the “audience” was interesting. It asked how do people handle post race care when a long drive is expected shortly after the finish line. My response was to walk around as much as problem and then multiple times on the way home – say 1 stop every 40 minutes or so. I have only had this situation occur once and thanks to this “strategy” the recovery went well.
  • The next question centered around track workouts. I personally do not do many of these (though I wish I did more of them). I have found doing 200m repeats as a good way to build speed (with 200m in between). Most agreed speed workouts help in attaining PRs.
  • Coping with a bad race! When I have a bad race, my motto is forget about it and move onto the next race! Out of sight…out of mind! Never give up following a bad race! Get stronger and do better!

So that is it doe the latest chat recap. Have a great night and thank you for reading


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