WIR: Reboot 2016 Continues!


 It is amazing what better weather will do for a runner! When getting up on an Monday and the temps are 50 degrees or more, the body and mind have no resistance whatsoever to going out and running. 30 degrees…well, let’s just say it is a struggle! Anything in between, 50/50. As we move through March now and hopefully the last of the snow is behind us, my focus will be to get up earlier and run greater distances at better paces  as I prep for my first marathon in May.

So how am I doing since #reboot2016 began just a few weeks back? Well my miles are up and my weight, in climb mode since Christmas has turned lower! I posted a note on Twitter the other day about the rules of weight loss (from self.com) and indicated that mindless eating was my number one problem! So for the month of March, I will begin the process of trying to combat this problem.  Call it my promise for what is left of lent!

As for my Week in running (WIR), it was a good one and I hope to increase the miles this week and beyond. I was not able to get out for my long run yesterday (as Irish step dancing competitions for my daughter got in the way) but I don’t foresee this being a problem going forward. With the Maine Marathon coming in less than 12 weeks, it can’t! 

Here is this week’s SmashRun report and pics (big list).


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