Thinking Randomly: Time to Ramp!

Yesterday I retweeted an event we are having for our local soccer club and it is an important one at that! You see, we are trying to build a soccer complex of sorts in Amesbury without any public money….none, nada! Much of the reason for such is the simple fact they Amesbury has one of the highest tax rates in to state and the people of this town want less spending and not more. So our little group (and now growing) group of members is trying to interact with as much private money as possible to build soccer fields for the children of city.

Ok, so what does this have to do with running and why should you care? Well, this fields project (btw the link is has been an almost 20 year battle! In many ways it is like someone who just started running and is working their way up to a marathon (like myself). You can’t get their overnight but with persistence and hard work, you will get to the point where a 15 – 20 mile run is not too hard to complete or in the case of the soccer fields, you have moved it through all the tough city committees and got the endorsement of the mayor; now we just need to find some money (and that is a marathon in itself)!

This project was written off as dead some years ago and the current president and some others on the board have been instrumental in pushing forward. With your running, if you feel frustrated, by the constant injuries, find a way in a patient manner, to work with those injuries and eventually you will beat them! I have Psoriatic Arthritis and that can be a roadblock. I worked to chip away at it and today I am almost feeling normal. Bottomland: A project is only dead if you feel it is!

Other random notes this week…

  • Another article out today on the problems that maximalist shoes bring to the table. Honestly the problem is not the shoes! It is running form and if you do not have goo running form, you will only hurt yourself. The Hoka’s provide a ton of cushion but they are not infallible. 
  • Ran without headphones this morning for the first time in ages and enjoyed it! Of course I ran a new route to distract myself so I am unsure how much I would like to be headphoneless if I was running a familiar route or long race…
  • I am the Kickin’It coordinator for Amesbury Soccer in my town and I just launched my marketing campaign for the season. I blasted out an email indicating they the season registration is now open and a moment later, the folks in the local softball league (which may daughter is in) sent out an email indicating that their registration was still open! I guess this is competition or coincidence?
  • So this week I began using my second pair of Hoka Clifton’s and after lacing them up, I realized how taxes my previous pair of Clifton’s was! Went 496 miles on them and with the injuries popping up over the past few months, thinking that 425 might be my limit! Anyhow, the new one’s have once again led to the body calming down and gene injuries have gone away (for the most part).
  • Do you have a Dunkin donuts card? Been having issues with it lately? Well if you want help on it, good luck reaching someone to talk to about it. They don’t respond to email and finding someone on the phone has not been easy either!

Well, that’s it for this week.

Have a good weekend


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