WIR: The Lessons of old Pains

  So week 1 is done as I reboot my running for 2016. It has been a major struggle though as small nagging injuries seem to be following me around of late. As I am “blessed” with the disease PsA, I think that is largely the route cause of things lately. I had knee surgery 13 years ago and the pain I am having today is in the area around where the screws reside in my knee (for ACL surgery). In the past, this pain has come from not overtraining but flare ups from the PsA. Thus I am sitting on my butt today instead of doing my long run for the week dealing with a flare up (I think or I hope?)

For those not to familiar with PsA or flare ups, they are like offensives against the body where no meds can stop them and all my joints just hurt at the same time. My grandfather once said to me “that a person only feels pain in one part of the body at a time.” (He dealt without much pain throughout the last days of his life God rest his soul). Well when you have flareups from Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) that pain is evenly distributed through the joints and thus everything hurts at the same time – I wonder what my grandfather would say to that! In any event, even as I have pushed back this disease with my running and better health over the past few years, the last month has been tough and PsA is pushing back.

My mantra since I decided my health needed to be improved a few years ago has been and will continue to be “PsA will not beat me…I will crush it!” So tomorrow morning, I will be back on the roads working towards better conditioning for the next race on the schedule.

As for this week’s running, here are a few thoughts

  • 500 mile club: I am getting close to 500 miles with my Hoka’s and windering if I need to replace them OR the injuries of late are from the old shoes? I guess I will not know till I find another pair…
  • #Reboot2016. Just in case you wondering, this hashtag refers to my restarting of my 2016 running which to this point has been less than stellar….more rebooting to be done!
  • Weather is getting better: This is something I am very excited about because when the weather gets better there will be much more to see now when I run! (And it will not be so cold!)
  • Loving my Garmin 235: I love this device. The GPS has been great in Boston this week and is navigating the very tall buildings well! I know I mocked brand ambassadors this week so let me be clear – I like this device very much. I am not getting paid to push it and I don’t get paid by anyone to push a product…

Well, that’s about it for this week. Enjoy the pics!


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