Questions & More questions…

I have a question for you this Friday. What the heck is a brand ambassador? Is it a person who mediates disputes between brands or countries? Like a ambassadors around the world, do they get appointed by the president? What power do these in Ambassadors have?  Can they topple other brands or competitors? Can they get people fired? Do these ambassadors have paid staffs? My questions just go on and on! 

Now I ask all these questions in jest to some extent. I have a general idea what a brand ambassador does. I guess my question is how far does one support a product? As an ambassador for a given product are you truthful all the time? I guess the real question is do you have to “fib” from time to time when describing a particular product? Not every product after all is perfect! 

For example, I wore ASICs for much of my running life. Then in September things changed. I got a pair of gel Nimbus’ and they broke! I asked the folks at Asic’s to send me a new pair and they balked! It was as if they did not believe me. All I did over the previous months and for much of my life, was sing a happy tune about their shoes. Now they weren’t treating me well and essentially flushing all that Goodwill down the toilet!  So I complained a bit on Twitter and then went out and bought some Hoka’s. Would a brand ambassador say such negative things if this happened to them? 

So my real question “is it right to trust a brand ambassador?” To me they could be just a mouthpiece of the given brand. But I honestly do not know! Which leaves me with more questions! 

Thanks for Reading!

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