Back in the Saddle again!

Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my running year! That is what I proclaimed on Twitter (along with “I’m baaacccckkkk) after running a quick 8 miles. While not my best pace (I have been in the 7s recently), I will take it and I now begin my preparation in earnest for some long races coming soon. With the reboot also comes some slight changes to my routine.

  • First, no more treadmill for me. If I cannot run outside on a given day, I will venture over to the bike which was recommended to me from a family friend who runs very long distances. 
  • Need to eat better. I am not dieting as I gave that up around Christmas. However, I need to eat foods that help me be more healthy….type to cut back severely on the snacks and treats. No long lasting energy there!
  • Need to raise the “compete level.”  I need to get more excited about my running and just simply ignore the bumps and bruises that hand plagued me of late. 
  • Calling this Reboot 2016. From yesterday onward, i am undergoing an “reboot.” The first months of 2016 almost have not played out like I would like so I am starting over!

Thank you for reading!



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