Living and not doubting


“Living and not doubting”

As I have mentioned in the past, I am an regular user of audio books while I run. I don’t really have much time these days to sit down and read a book but when I am running 30-40 miles a week, listening to a book is doable. My first book that I listened to using audible was “Born to Run” last fall and since I have listened to (and reviewed) a bunch of others. A few days ago, I started another book by the same author as “Born to Run” (Christopher McDougall) – “Natural Born Heroes.” Now I am only about 20% into the book so I really don’t have much to say about it yet but one phrase stuck out to me: “Living, not doubting.”

“Why” you might ask? Because it is a thought or question that everyone should ask themself: Am I living my life or am I held back by constant doubt or the proverbial “what if?” Do I make a decision and stick with it or do I  doubt those decisions leading to inaction? And Do i take a chance for success or does doubt lead to failure?

Along those lines, William Shakespeare said

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”

One of the nasty characteristics of Psoriatic Arthriis (PsA) is its ability to create doubt and despair. Some of those with PsA are stuck in bed, can barely walk or suffering from major skin issues (to name a few). This can be demoralizing as one’s quality of life suffers as what was once easy to do like play with ones kids or even cook dinner, becomes almost impossible. PsA hammer’s the mind leading to depression and a hate of the world. It is a path that can be hard to come back from as “doubt” takes over.

I can say thankfully that I do not have an extreme case of PsA. I do have a case that is painful and had me questioning whether I would ever to be athletic again at one point of my life. Coming off the soccer field was a three day ordeal – play the game and then spend three days barely able to walk. This lead to weight gain and “doubt” an questions on whether I might be done from soccer, hockey and anything else. BUT I decided one day that “doubt” was no longer part of my volcabulary and the battle was “on” versus PsA.

I have said this many times to others who have PsA: You need to beat it before it gets ahold of you. If you give in to the despair, PsA has got its hold on you. It then starts going to work to break you down. You need stop it before getting to this point. And how? This is my process that has worked for me. 

  • Running and cross fit: Crossfit works the body and helps with flexibility. Running helps keeps the weight off. Less weight means less stress on the joints. 
  • Gluten free: Eating gluten free is not hard. There are plenty foods out there that do not cost much and can allow you to lead a gluten free lifestyle. Gluten inflames the joints. PsA lives on inflammation. Remove inflamation and you put PsA to sleep. 
  • Positive mindset: One has to believe they are going to win. No DOUBTS whatsoever! You need to believe it is possible. 
  • Drugs: Enbrel has been the drug that has helped me. I have been able to drop the dosage now to one shot a month and I hope to make that every 2 months next. 
  • Set Goals: Beating PsA is best by baby steps. You will not win overnight but the more and more you go after PsA, you will win more and more battles! Set small goals, one day at a time even. 
  • Friends: Rely on friends for help with this disease – just talking about it is very helpful. Try new ideas to see if they improve your situation. 

So here is the last point: Don’t left PsA lead you to doubt anything in your life. If you feel pain, ignore it and fight through. And repeat after me “I will not let PsA beat me…I will beat PsA!”


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