Running Wild

E.A. Bucchianeri said,

“Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world …”

So in terms of running, would the “simple things” be the runs along the roads and trails where one can take in the sights and sounds around them vs the “banquet” being the half marathon or race with all the glamor and glitz that comes from such OR would it be the other way around? 

If you have seen the show “The Grinder” on Fox, Rob Lowe’s TV character on the show always asks questions that are so off the wall wrong that it stops everyone in their tracks to actually think he might have a point. For example it is like someone saying on a sunny day that features a blue sky, “Is it really a sunny day with a blue sky or something else?” Well I am asking if the banquet is indeed the training and the race is “simple?”

Over the years I have come to appreciate sports in terms of the planning beforehand. As a coach, if you have the organization in place and the plan ready to roll, one hopes it all falls into place on game day. Getting to the point where those pieces are ready to be rolled out takes many hours of preparation. So nothing is really simple about how to run a “Learn to skate” session with a bunch of 6-8 year olds. Once the day comes to actually run the session, one hopes that autopilot takes over so to speak.

But is it that simple? With running in a race or managing the “learn to skate” nothing is ever predictable as nerves can step in the way or an injury can pop up. Perhaps the weather is bad or a kid falls down on the ice disrupting the flow of the practice? Autopilot is nowhere to be seen more often than not!

So what is the answer? Time to ride the fence and say “both.” “Simple” and the “banquet” can exist on both sides of the fence. One can study the route and train hard for the distance trying to simplify their race day but nothing ever remains simple. One must be flexible to adapt. New routes bring new challenges so when training, one must be flexible for the hill that comes out of nowhere or the roadkill that resides nearby!

The moral of this story then? One can never be fully prepared for a training run, a race along the ocean or through the woods or if a child is going to disrupt their practice. One must keep an open mind to adjust to the unexpected. Stated “simply” – enjoy the banquet because it will never be simple! 

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