Thinking Randomly…Speedgoats, treadmills and more

I came across an article recently, written back in 2013, at Runners World titled “how to train through winter weather.” It gives some good ideas such as “divide and conquer,” “hit the treadmill,” “modify and intensify,” “train like a triathlete” and “pause and redirect.” (More at this link). The last point is “go with the flow” and that one is probably the most important of all of them!

You see, I have not been “going with the flow” well over the past few months! In fact, the last few months of training have not been a particular joy to me! Weather has been problematic (i.e. Too cold or snowy and I have been sick a few times) and as a result I have been forced to do much of my running on a treadmill which honestly stinks…Just not a fan of these machines but I know many that are so I will hold back further criticisms! In any event, the injury bug has crept up on me during this time and these injuries did not exist while I was running outside so perhaps it is coincidence or I just don’t know how to run on a treadmill?

On a more positive note though, while I have a few new injuries, I have dropped my pace significantly during this time and when I jump on the indoor track at the local gym, I am seeing the faster treadmill training in the results. On the treadmill I am pushing now a 6:30/mile pace which has translated into an easy 7:45/mile pace on the track. My goal, as I posted a few nights back on a Fitfluential chat, is the low 7s/mile so I am on my way! Low 7s would perhaps get my automatic entry into Boston in 2017 though I need to finish the 2 marathons I plan on running in 2016 first.

What other random thoughts do I have today?

  • Running clothes indicator: Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place but over the past few months, as the temps have remained higher than normal for the most part locally, winter running clothes have not dropped much in price. Perhaps that is a sign demand is rising and interest in the sport continues to climb?
  • Finished 50/50: Finished the audible book  50/50 as mentioned previously and if I were ranking this on my “books that I have listened too list” I would probably put it in the middle of the pack. Interesting story about running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states but I could have used more “education” from it – less bragfest about how this was completed. Perhaps I need to review it again but I am left wanting more!
  • The 500 rule: Recently I crossed 400 miles running with my current Hoka Clifton 2s. The general rule of thumb is 300-500 miles to replace them but I find myself wanting to test this theory out. I know that injuries of late have started to occur and that is one indicator that one should perhaps change their shoes but for now I am blaming this on the treadmill!
  • Cadence: I posted my first “Lesson” last week and focused on Cadence. The second installments will be coming soon though I don’t really know what I want to focus on yet! I guess it will come to me at some point…
  • Speedgoats running aground: On my Sunday run, given all the snow on the ground, I decided to run with my Speedgoats vs the Clfton’s. I thought thst since the snow was out that a trail Shep would be better but since it was a non trail type run, I thought I could run into problems but such problems dos not occur and the run turned out to be fine. These shoes have a great grip and I might pound the pavement more with them going forward!

And here are this week’s random shorts

  • I like to run in the morning to get my day going
  • Liking my switch from the Fitbit to the Garmin 235 very much.
  • I have a goal of running 1500 miles in 2016.
  • I hope to run the Boston Marathon in 2017 after qualifying, hopefully at the Chicago marathon later this year.
  • Big fan of the cliff z bars for kids!
  • In fact a big fan of the regular cliff bars.
  • Did I mention I do not like the treadmill?

That’s it for this week

Thank you for reading


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