Thinking Randomly: Time to Train


Quick: How do you find time to run? If you have kids or many family around, when do you run? These are questions I am battling with these days as I look to get my miles up for the races which are coming over the coming months. With the weather in the Northeast, I have been stuck inside on the treadmill and there is only so long I can be in a treadmill! At the same time, many run the treadmills more than I and for longer distances so I guess the key is to figure out how to run the treadmill and make it an enjoyable experience?

Keeping with our random thoughts this week, here are some smaller bites of thinking randomly

  • Do you Gu? A friend of mine said to me that she takes Gu shots regularly while training for long races. I have never done such only taking Gu during races. Her advice though is compelling so I am going to give it a try! Plus she is an awesome runner so her advice had plenty of basis.
  • Hitting Goals: Coming into today I was under 12 miles needed to hit my 120 mile goal for the month. Given all the treadmill runs this month and a lack of time as well, I was unsure I would hit my goal. Well today I ran 12 miles at an leisurely pace and made my goal! Hopefully next month won’t be so hard to hit the goal!
  • Lining up races: Thinking of running the Hyannis half marathon at the end of Feb but unsure if I want to drive down the cape, 3 hours from me. The Eastern States 20 miler is coming up in March and perhaps I run that race as a precursor to my marathon run in May? Need to ponder.
  • Garmin 235 update: So on balance, this watch has turned out to be a major positive addition to my daily life and running world. One annoying part to mention though is the constant breaking of Bluetooth between my watch and NH phone. Unsure why it continues to happen but it is sure annoying!
  • Hoka’s and miles? Have hit the 400 mile mark with my Clifton’s. Wondering if I need to sub in another pair at this point. They still feel pretty good so thinking I will continue with them till I feel otherwise. 
  • Star Wars and I finally saw it! Well hit the theatres for this movie today and it was awesome. Good tie from the past to the future. Lots of angles they could go in from here.
  • Dicks Sporting goods sales: Be careful shopping with these guys and their “sales.” They are just discounting from super high prices so there is effectively no sales! Not a big fan of this strategy to be honest. Conversely, I store you might find very good deals on the clearance.

Quick hit goals for Februrary

  • I would like to his 130 miles this month versus the 120 I did in January.
  • Need to make a decision on my Hoka’s and if I should buy new ones.
  • Liking the Garmin Connect App with all its flexibility

And here are a few pics I was able to take this week



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