WIR: Miles up, weight up and a vacation from life

A few nights ago, I participated in another #runchat and as usual, it was informative and thought provoking. What got me really thinking this week was this question: “running is _____.” At first I was not sure how or what to answer. What is running to me? Enjoyable? Not always. Soothing? Not really. Challenging? Nope. Some runs are easy. No, the answer I came up with was this: “A vacation from life.” 

The answer of a “vacation from life” has a rather simple meaning. My daily life is hectic. I have daily responsibilities that leave me wiped out on the ride home. I deal in the financial markets so you can imagine how my world has been over the past 6 months! Taking to the streets, trail or even the treadmill is my vacation from this and with this vacation comes peace of mind…and an outlet from life. In addition, the vacation from life allows for me to clear my head and digest everything that occurred that day.

As for my week in running, here are a few stats

  • Diet gone…weight up? Ok, so I started the week 1lb lower than I measured up last night. Need to do better! So how am I going to do that? I am back to tracking my food but only doing it with a day lag. Then look to see how I am at the end of the week and evaluate from there. Typically speaking I need to go back to eating more vegetables and less chips!
  • Good miles for the week doing 31. Goal is higher though so more work needs to be done. Treadmill running has its limits though so perhaps I am stuck in this range till the weather improves. 
  • Of the running this week, I only got outside once! They needs to improve so I can “enjoy” running.
  • And as the weekly rundown from SmashRun.com shows, I burned 5000 calories. Need to get that amount up.

Other interesting tidbits

  • Treadmill follies? My numbers on the treadmill and the Indoor track this week and over the past few weeks have dusted my outdoor times. Not sure if my indoor times are wrong or the treadmill is forcing me to run harder?
  • Loving the 235! So far so good with the Garmin 235. Liking all the information that is coming from it. Apps are not bad but I can’t seem to get one of them working consistantly. Need to talk to Garmin I guess
  • Hoka Clifton 2s and the track: Part of my indoor running this week was on a track. And my Clifton’s did not handle this track well with limited traction the main problem. Will have to explore another shoe that has better traction for the indoor runs – or just get my butt OUTSIDE! 

That’s about it for this week. When you need a vacation from life, I suggest running a scenic route. You will begin to appreciate the environment around you and focus less on…well life.

Thank you for reading


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