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As I have written here before, I am a big fan of audio books. I don’t really have much time to read these days but I do have time to listen while running or driving in the miles of traffic I endure each day! I wrote about “Born to Run” in the fall and it remains a favorite of mine but since then, I have been busy “listening” to some others. They are as follows

At some point I will dive into a review of these books as I have found something useful to reflect on from each. I did not particularly care for the “Running Revolution” as it sounded like an infomercial, but the others overall were outstanding sharing ideas as they related to running and life. One particular aspect that each of these books shared was the use of “story telling.” And this is probably the number one factor why I liked these books very much. Why you might ask?

Well, when I was younger and before the “’s” of the world existed, I read the books of John Grisham religiously. When one came out, I read it cover to cover. What drew me into his books was the particular descriptions of each scene and how one could almost taste the home cooking of the south or feel they were a fly on the wall seeing the scene up close and personal! The movies they made of these books never did the books justice as they could not recreate that sense of “being there.” 

Whe I started listening to “Born to run,” I got the same feeling. Chris McDougal, the author, provides such a precise description of the race they you feel like you are running in the Copper Canyons, that you could be sharing beers with Scott Jurek or hanging out with the Tarahumara’s in their village. In Eat and Run, similar stories of Scott Jurek’s drew me in. Travis Macy’s story in the “ultramindset” did the same (especially about the Leadman series). And these many stories shared useful tips on how to deal with all types of training and the races one runs. When one is really enjoying the book, they get drawn in more and as a result, one learn more!

So now I am on to 50/50 with Dean Karnazes. This book shares his 50 marathon runs in 50 states in 50 days. So far I am only on the third race but I am sucked in and ready to read the rest! I almost want to do this (run 50 marathons) myself…but I will just wait to complete my first one in May before contemplating such a thought any further!

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