Thinking Randomly: A GREAT Cause!

Last week, I posted a note on a bench that had been dedicated to a beloved track coach at Amesbury High School. There was a strong push to raise funds by the community to have this granite bench created, engraved and installed at the top of one of the hills at Woodsom Farm where the coach would stand during cross country meets. Having it sit there is a great tribute to the coach and a reminder of his work at AHS.

If you move down that said hill, cross over the street and enter the other side of Woodsom Farm, you will find the area where the soccer fields reside. They are the one’s used to the Kickin it! program and are not exactly “flat.” That is pretty much the problem in the whole city of Amesbury as soccer is played on largely dirt, uneven fields and this can lead to poor performance, a general lack of “fun” and possible injury. Enter “Fields for Kids!”

The Amesbury Fields for Kids is a project, being supported by private funding and a group of very energetic people who are trying to bring soccer fields, in one location, to Amesbury.

The Amesbury Soccer Association (ASA) proposes a new strategy to realize a longstanding vision to improve soccer fields for the enjoyment of the town and visiting teams; the safety of the players, referees, coaches and families; and to preserve and protect the fields in our community.

So how am I involved? Well I am the treasurer of the ASA and the board members of the ASA are part of the committee to make this plan happen. We are working hard but much work needs to be done in the future including proposals, cost estimate, donor engagement and much more! And in the end we hope that the final product will lead to enjoyment by our players, coaches, refs, our opponents and virtually the whole City of Amesbury! This is something to be proud of and get behind.

Ok, so with the rah rah out of the way, let’s get back to “thinking randomly.” Here is this week’s addition

  • Have you heard of the Fields for kids project? Oh yeh, just wrote about it!
  • Garmin 235: So i have had this device for about a week now and I have to say I like it very much! I just love seeing the notifications that hit my phone show up ok this phone. Also it’s tracking GPS wise is pretty good and better than my 220. Five stars!
  • Treadmill Pains: My hamstrings began to bother me the other day so I started changing the incline of the treadmill every few minutes, up and down. I generally run with a small incline anyhow but now I am going higher and removing it. New problem has developed though with my hip! Unsure what to make of it so I will need to investigate but wondering if this is from the constant shifting of the incline? 
  • Race Update: So I think my schedule over the next few months will be a 5m in early Feb, a half in March and perhaps one in April before my first full marathon in Maine come May. I was told that is reasonable because the long training runs are around 2 hours and I run my halfs at 1:45. 
  • Shoe pain? Could my back pain be from the fact I am at 330 miles with my Hoka One One Clifton’s? They say that one should switch up shoes between 300 and 500 miles. Food for thought!
  • Turning the Corner: I tweeted today that I think I have turned the corner motivation wise today with my running this week. We will see if it lasts through tomorrow!
  • Diet bye bye! So I ditched my diet a few week back so I could just eat bad food around the holidays! In the process I gained a few pounds thanks to snicker doodles and other cookies but over the past 10 days I have reversed that and are back to the weight prior to Christmas WITHOUT dieting! 

That’s about it for this week.

Thanks for reading 



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