WIR: Wearables, Simplicity and not so Fit!

When I first launched this Blog over this past summer, my goal was to keep myself accountable for my goals. If I proclaim it to the world, then IT MUST HAPPEN! Ok, probably not that extreme but it does help in keeping me inline with the path to my goals. One of those goals (of the many) that I am currently focused on is being more organized. I noted in my post “Mr Roboto” that I was simply wearing to many devices. I had one for steps, one for music, one for miles and another for HR. Holy crap!

So as I noted in the same piece, I have moved on to one device that covers all of the above except for music…that is ok as I am happy with my Apple Shuffle – actually it is a pretty cool little device. The one device that has replaced the rest, a Garmin 235, so far has been a success. Here are four main areas (thus far) that I have found so far.

  • Improved Tougher Steps: One of the things I did not like about the Fitbit was the ease of getting 10k steps. When I get 10k steps, I want to have actually felt like I walked 10k steps! So far with the 235, I have walked a bunch and are feeling like it. Perhaps I am just not in shape this weekend but if this is the feeling I get going forward with 10k steps, I am happy.
  • Text notifications: I have to say, this has been one of the most pleasant parts of the device. I don’t have to look at my phone anymore for every beep or ring. I can see it on the 235. Easy pick up of the wrist. 
  • HR: This is a fascinating part of the watch. Seeing my HR move up and down over the course of the day is interesting. I am unsure how to use it to my advantage yet but after a week I will probably come up with something!
  • Apps simplified: By shrinking the devices, I have shrunk the many apps I have been using. It is kind of funny because in my “health folder” I have a bunch of apps now that I will no longer use. I am unsure what to do!

Aside from this, it was a good week of running. The weather continues to hamper my  increased mileage goals. I got a good run late in the week and at the beginning but stuck with short runs in the middle. I am hoping for consistency so that I can get up to 35-40 miles per week in the short term. With the weather temps dropping again through the next few weeks, it will again be a challenge. But I will fight through!

Here are this week’s picks. And thank you for reading – BM











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