Thinking Randomly… wearables, chats and marathons!

So it is that time of the year where people blog about what they expect of their upcoming year – their forcasts if you will. Since 2015 was completely unpredictable as it related to my running, I won’t even try to look into the crystal ball for thoughts on 2016. What happens will happen – call its god’s will! In any event, I still have a few thoughts on my mind so let’s clear them out in the latest “thinking randomly.”

  • #Racechat and wearables: Last night on Fitfam’s #racechat, the question was asked about the future for wearables. I for one believe they will be much more advanced in the years ahead. As technology improves, better health readings and information will follow. As more health information flows, society will become more healthy and this will help in lowering costs that have only been rising in the recent past. Demand will remain high for wearables!
  • Profits and races: I tweeted out a link from @runnersworld yesterday in regards to a marathon that is run in Maine (click here for the story). It is a story about a town gone bust by lost business (paper) and the use of a marathon to revive sales. Sort of like Leadville and its story. Anyhow, the race is free so people will spend money in the town instead which I think is fantastic! Now my question is – why are their races out there that are not donating to charity or doing things like this? On the #racechat last night, this topic came up and it got me thinking. And I will think some more on it!
  • Shoes and Styles: As I have commented in the past, I use Hoka Clifton’s and like them very much. When I purchased them back in September, their style was unique with the high soles. Well, the latest Runners World preview of 2016 shoes, which I can’t seem to find on my phone, shows that the industry is moving in the same direction. Interesting. I would imagine the minimalists are not happy. In any event, interesting change.
  • A marathon is on my mind I have been wavering this morning on whether to sign up for the Maine Coastal Marathon as for some reason today I am lacking confidence. It will probably pass and I will be signed up by the end of the day!
  • 2016 tomorrow! So I have my first run and race tomorrow. Doing it for Arthritis research (Racing for a Cure). I hope to do 10 races in 2016 to raise money for help in beating this disease. Wish me luck!

That is about it for today’s thoughts.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading


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