Mark it down! My 2016 resolution…

In the “Long and Winding Road” (by the Beatles just in case you did not know), the follow lyrics are sung

The long and winding road, that leads to your door. Will never disappear. I have seen that road before.

In reviewing my numbers thus far for December (and basically done since I have a race on Friday), I am left wondering whether my long and winding road is disappearing! When I was pushing my training this summer, I was averaging 4.5 days a week running. I was attaining 100+ miles and my pace was in the 9’s per mile. Flashforward to this month, my mileage is down and my average days run per week is also down BIG to 3.5 days a week – a trend that has been occurring over the past few months. Not good.

So how am I going to give myself a kick in the a#s? By starting fresh on Friday! I have a 10k in Salisbury and with those 6.25 miles I will cross over 20 for the week (which is not great in its own right). Then a long one on Sunday and hopefully I hit 30. And for kicks, let’s establish a New Years resolution now! I will return to 4.5 days a week in 2016 and achieve easily 125 miles per month. 

Mark it down. It is going to happen. No more sitting on my a%s on days I should be out running. Call me Rocky Balboa!

Thanks for reading


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