Lessons of my running year

  This morning, while going through my morning tweet feed, I came across the latest from Lolly Daskal (Lollydaskal.com). She titled her piece “sometimes you have to look back to move forward.” I think I have said this before but I have been reading her material for a long time and while she is not reinventing the wheel with her insights, her articles are very helpful in evaluating one’s process as it relates to almost anything. 

In her latest note she is presenting a process to review one’s year so the next can be better. Well, since I am hoping to complete a marathon or two in 2016, lets evaluate my running process and see where I can improve for 2016!

  1. What defined me most in 2015? Well, I would say that continuous improvement from April onward defined me most. I started that month with a 11min/mile pace and are finishing the year, 8 months later, with an 8min/mile pace! 
  2. What people have I encountered and what did I learn from them? In 2015, I have not met that many new people as it relates to running. HOWEVER, I have spoken to people I had known already that are great runners in their own right about ways to improve and other tips and tactics of the trade. Recently I spoke to a friend of a friend who is in the process of scaling every mountain in New England. I had known him somewhat before and his helpful tips will be part of my plan for 2016 and beyond! Thus in summary, I became better friends with people I already had known.
  3. What books did I read? I listened to a bunch of running books via my audible account in 2015. As I reviewed back in October, “Born to run” was probably my favorite. Scott Jurek’s “Eat and Run” was a close second and “the ultra mindset” is also pretty good. All of these books have given me insights on how to take things to the next level and have the right “mindset” for success.
  4.  Where did I succeed the best? My best success for 2015 was not a particular race or exercise. My greatest success was becoming more healthy. My running and eating habits have dropped my inflammation levels back to levels last seen 15 years ago! I have not been this healthy since college! Success! 
  5. Where did I fail? While I averaged 100 miles a month from April onward and my times went up for the better, I feel like I should have done more! My performance numbers following my PR in early Novembers Seacoast Half have been trending downward and while I understand that the holidays had something to do with it, I should have still found time to get out on the road. Long and short of it; I need to get through easy barriers to run more and improve.
  6. What have I done to care for myself in 2015? This relates to my greatest success; I ate better for one. In addition, I exercised and cross trained on days I did not run allowing me to keep active. Further I worked on form and how I can run more efficiently eliminating injuries. Lastly I worked out any injuries that occurred using ice, heat and foam rollers as well as taking it easy when any injuries arise. Oh, I have begun to run minus the headphones – allows for a more peaceful mind clearing run.
  7. What can I improve on? As mentioned, breaking through barriers. Further, I need to continue to eat better and eliminate snacking. As I posted earlier this week about abandoning my diet so I could end the bad habits that have arrived from such, I hope to have better more energy providing foods in me so when I hit the roads, it is easier to run further, faster snd more efficiently!
  8. What do I need to stop? Impatience is probably my number one problem. In order to become a marathon runner, I need to continue to build toward it – it is not going to happen overnight! Need to take this one day and one step at a time. 
  9. What am I greatful for? The chance to regain some of my athletic form from the past. This in turn has reduced my stress allowing me to be a better person to my family and those around me. This needs to continue though!
  10. What do I need to start? I want to accomplish the following in 2016 – run 10+ races raising money for arthritis research (Racing for a cure). I would like to push my health to the point that Enbrel is not needed anymore for my PsA. I would like to get more clarity to make better decisions. And I would like to remove the stress points that get in the way of being a good day and husband. 

So there you have it. My year in review! 2016 is right around the corner and my first race is just a few days away.

Thanks for reading



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