Switching Gears

  Over the past year, I have had an ecosystem that includes various ways to measure my running and training habits as well as ways I have lost weight. Well, today I am making a switch and stopping the diet!

One of the problems with my diet has been the binges I go on during the afternoon on the way home from work. I hold back from eating so many given calories over the course of the day and by the time afternoon rolls around, I am starved. So if I am going to continue to run, then I need a way to remedy the binges. Hopefully by just “eating” normal and not worrying about “what” I am eating, my overall calories will fall and the binges will go away.

So today I weigh in at 192lbs (thanks to excess eating this week and only treadmill running over the past few weeks). I hope in one year when I write back on this subject, I will be down 17lbs to 175lbs and have completed 10+ races which includes 2 marathons. 

Thanks for reading!



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