Power of the Trail

This morning I ran through Maudsley Park in Newburyport, MA and this was my second run through the park in the past few weeks. More often than not you will find me running on a street in Boston, along the Charles or near Black Falcon Wharf – never along trails! Further as I said to my son this morning, I don’t do much trail running because I just don’t have the opportunity to do so. But when those opportunities present themselves, like today, I get out there and get closer to nature!

Trail running to me has always somewhat foreign. I don’t do it and never really did it from my days as a runner on the track till, well today. Not sure why but after the past week I am starting to wonder why.  In the book “Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek, his running is all about trails and through nature. He trained in cold conditions, ran through deserts and everything in between. While the time it took me to run today pails in comparison to my best times, today’s run was just peaceful and fantastic which made up for the slower time. After running today, I said to myself “does time really matter?”

To that I still answer yes but for these few hours a week I hope to hit the trail and the climbs and falls with it. I will focus on what is around me and not on my wrist! As a result of this running, I am starting to believe now that I can get my self to an ultra someday and getting to know how to run trails well will be important. 

Till then, thank you for reading


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