Running Habits

Every once in a while, I come across an article or note that applies to my own personal situation. This morning was one of those instances! I follow Lolly Daskal, an author of books and writer for magazines (including “Inc”) and she published a piece titled “7 Bad Habits That Stand in the Way of Your Success” for Inc. Now, Lolly’s stuff is pretty good and I have been following her for a few years on Twitter and Inc using her notes for training classes from time to time. Today’s piece hit home!

  In this article, she covers the obstacles that  keep a person from reaching their full potential which by extension leads to personal success. These 7 habits are as follow

  1. Letting everyone else define what you want
  2. Playing it safe
  3. Letting negatively rule
  4. Living in the past
  5. Proceeding with procrastination 
  6. Giving into despair
  7. Giving up

Now when running, it is very easy to get one of these “habits” to slow you down. These “bad habits” are cited in regards to business but they apply in the running community as well. First, the great thing about running is this; you don’t have to follow what everyone law is doing. Run your race and not someone who else’s. Second, if you want to run a marathon, then you have to push yourself! It is 26 miles after all and training with 5ks is just not going to cut it! Lastly, don’t ever be negative during your running. Enjoy yourself and take in the sites and sounds! Run for fun. Oh, finally? NEVER GIVE UP at anything.

Thanks for reading


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