Hitting a WALL!

Today was one of those days for me where I just could not get going to run. I put the shoes on, got my gadgets in place and audible book ready. Decided on a place to run only to change it three times and then when I finally got to Maudsley Park today in Newburyport, MA, I was still left wondering if I really wants to run!

  So what got me over the hump today? Three things

  1. Just do it! No I did not have one of those inspirational Nike YouTube videos playing if that is what you are wondering. I just said to myself, “you don’t often have a chance to trail run so take this opportunity to do so!” Just so it and off I went
  2. “Eat and Run” I am listen to this book at the and I find it very compelling like the “Born to Run” book I listened to in November. I wanted to find out what is going to happen next and why not listen while running?
  3. 100 miles – I need to keep my monthly streak alive of 100 miles per. I would like to expand that to 150 in 2016 but baby steps. To get to 100 this month, I need to run while I can so with the weather calm up in New England, time to take advantage!

So I got my miles in and feel good tonight. 

Thank you for reading


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