Accountability Update: Reviewing November

  Monday morning as I was running along Fan Pier in Boston, it struck me that my running was becoming a “chore” of late and not enjoyable. It was a chore because I have been tinkering with my form over the past few weeks after listening and reviewing the “Cool Impossible” and as a result, I have seen a rise in calf pains and smaller ailments. BUT this tinkering of my form also led to an overall better average running time per mile in November! I averaged 8:22/mile in October and in November I came in at 8:14/mile. My times are improving but my pains are rising!

So what does one do with such a circumstance? Does one continue to run through the ailments – the “Cool Impossible” does say that the form they advocate will change the way you run and initially soreness will follow but for how long? Is this a “no pain, no gain” type of equation? By having pain, I will improve my form which will minimize injuries over the long term? I honestly do not know!

I will say this: running with a mid to forefoot strike is what I have been doing since I picked up my Hoka Clifton’s in late September. Throughout October I improved my times dramatically and dropped my pain levels big time! After October and the recent half marathon in early November, there was no reason to tinker! But when a competitive person like myself reads about the great runners, one is almost compelled to continue to push the bar to get better. Running no longer is an enjoyment and becomes a “chore.” 

While I continue to want to improve my times, I need to focus on the goal of the running – better health, new things to see and overall enjoyment. Otherwise I might as well stop, regardless if I have pain or not!

As for November, it was a good month of running. I knocked my average time per mile to an all time low and racked up over 100 miles. My goal for December is the same mileage but given the weather up here in New England during the winter, that might get challenged! Lastly, in terms of NH weight, I am down 2 lbs for the month and hope that continues through the time of the year where sweets rule the roost! Oh, and for your enjoyment, I have posted below my photo from a year ago yesterday to one taken a few days ago. 40lbs later….thank you for reading.



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